Saturday, August 13, 2011

weaving in the bits of life...

Can you feel the season changing
have you noticed the light
that "feeling" in the morning
the shadows in the evening
right this very minute
I can feel it's presence
Autumn is just about here
I always love this event
just like in the Winter
 the change into Spring
it's only at the beginning and the end of a day that one feels it
the middle of the day can be high summer
but at the beginning and the end
there is the change

Hope you have a great day
and do something



  1. I have noticed Autumn creeping in - my cherry tree on my front lawn now has yellow leaves and are starting to fall. I've notices a few leaves floating around on roads whilst driving. Mr and Mrs Robin have had another very late but small brood (I can only see one bird in the garden. That will be the last of the birds for this year. Our local park has conkers on the floor - we got some beauties last year - I love it when you first open them and they are that beautiful red brown colour and so shiny!

    Oddly enough, my word verification is efall!!! Have a good weekend!! x

  2. Hi Marilyn, I am glad to read your words and feel you are better now.


    Merchy xxx

  3. Hi Marilyn, I hope you are doing okay after the loss of your friend. Your farewell post was lovely. I wish we could feel any kind of shift in the seasons here but won't be happening for quite some time. I started back to work today and boy oh boy was it hot on the drive home. :/ Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Yes, I have noticed it a bit. It's still very hot down south! Thanks for your little note. I was worried that it didn't arrive safely!


  5. Yes I do from your delightful post! I love sharing the seasons with my friends who write and photograph! What we have is sun or or cool.......:-) So looking forward to your autumn images!