Tuesday, August 23, 2011

holy cow

we just experienced
 5.9 Earthquake


we are fine
the house is fine
we were scared sssless
we have spoken to family
all OK

what a fright
I didn't know earthquakes made a noise
a rumbling
deep and loud and palpable
the whole entire house
everything....EVERYthing in the house shaking
some things fell
everything moved
it lasted maybe 30 seconds
the whole East Coast felt it
the people in the Pentagon thought they were being bombed

but not like we did
we are about 40 miles from the epicenter
this is the strongest ever recorded in Virginia
 I cannot tell you how frightening it was
I thought the trees were all falling down
I thought it was the marine base dropping bigger bombs than usual
I couldn't comprehend what the sound was

oh great...they have just shut down the nuclear plant....
hopefully just as a precaution

and the story about the
animals warning us
not true
she slept through the whole friggin' thing!!!

I will never forget the sound
and they say we will get after shocks
better go get those delicates off the high shelves

to the max!!!!!

we had an earthquake today

I didn't like it...