Tuesday, August 23, 2011

holy cow

we just experienced
 5.9 Earthquake


we are fine
the house is fine
we were scared sssless
we have spoken to family
all OK

what a fright
I didn't know earthquakes made a noise
a rumbling
deep and loud and palpable
the whole entire house
everything....EVERYthing in the house shaking
some things fell
everything moved
it lasted maybe 30 seconds
the whole East Coast felt it
the people in the Pentagon thought they were being bombed

but not like we did
we are about 40 miles from the epicenter
this is the strongest ever recorded in Virginia
 I cannot tell you how frightening it was
I thought the trees were all falling down
I thought it was the marine base dropping bigger bombs than usual
I couldn't comprehend what the sound was

oh great...they have just shut down the nuclear plant....
hopefully just as a precaution

and the story about the
animals warning us
not true
she slept through the whole friggin' thing!!!

I will never forget the sound
and they say we will get after shocks
better go get those delicates off the high shelves

to the max!!!!!

we had an earthquake today

I didn't like it...



  1. I just read about this earthquake on the news.

    The UK had a big earthquake (well big for us anyway) a couple of years ago. I remember it was in the middle of the night and everyone was in bed - what woke me was the rattling of the roof tiles above us then the bed began to shake. It didn't last very long, maybe 10 seconds or so but it was certainly something that will stay with me but nothing in comparison to what yourself and others around the world have experienced. That 30 seconds for you was probably the longest 30 seconds ever. I'm glad to hear that you and hubby are OK though. :)

  2. It certainly freaked me out. Glad to hear that you're ok. :)

  3. Oooh glad your all ok. I too remember the horrible 'middle of the night' quake in the UK a couple of years ago... reading your post made me think back to that. I know how it shakes you up xx

  4. Lisbon is on a fault, like San Francisco. Our "big one" was in 1755 and almost destroyed the entire city--9 on the Richter scale-- plus a pretty nasty tsunami...everything had to be rebuilt. In 1969 we had another big one, 6.5, and I remember looking at the ceiling at my grandmother's house and seeing the places where it had been fixed. I don't remember the quake, but my mom does...
    Yes, I am sure it is a terribly scary thing to go through... and I'm really glad you are all well!

  5. Sorry about what you've been through. So glad that you (and mummy's oblivious little darling) are all safe.

  6. The Pentagon thought they were being bombed, you thought it was the usual show by the marine base next door, but you forgot to tell everyone what number two son thought it was - and he was even closer than you are to the epicentre ..... he thought it was his washing machine going bananas!!!!!

  7. lol...a washing machine going crazy? That is funny!

    We've had a couple of little tremors around hear, and they were NOISY. We thought a truck was going to hit the house.

    So I can only imagine the noise of a quake that big. Glad you're all safe!

  8. Wow, that sounds scary! Glad you are all fine. Have never experienced a quake, just a little shake once. I was in mum's hen house and noticed the the net shaking, my family were out on the lawn and I don't think they noticed it at all. Next day my teacher was in the newspaper - their house had a little crack in the wall...! Quite some news, huh? :) I'm glad my house is built on solid Swedish ground!