Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm really sorry I'm such a lousy blogger these days
but it's just one of those things
I wish I could tell you I had been on some magic carpet ride
to exotic lands to meet fantabulous people
but I haven't and I won't be that I know of

I have had a headache
for days
not a headache but a foggy head
a nackered noodle
brain blight
as Hercule would say
the leettle grrrey cells are not working Hastings
mon dieu
they arre not working at all

we have had weather over us for a few days
by that I mean it's been raining on and off
and we've had storms popping up
and as I am one of those affected by the weather
I guess that's it
barometer brain
up and down
round and round
I am trying to finish what I stared

a little bag and the japanese flower scarf

and a little shawl I started with some purple cotton I bought
that I hope I have enough of to finish it

and it's all there
on the chair
 in the basket
on the coffee table and the
desk top
each one waiting it's turn to
ta daa

and trying things as I see them
saw a different way to join things
a flat braid  join
or something like that
its really nice so I tried it on some African Flowers that were hanging out on the desk top
with a bit more work and tweeking it may just be possible

it's a question of even numbers of stitches I think
but it looks nice
and it's
in a good way
ta daa
I'll show you if you want me to
oh did I just say that
oh dear

well in this case

I just love that dark teal colour
love it
I'm back to making African Flowers
they are quick and easy and so pretty
remember when they were everywhere
in all shades and colours of the rainbow
it seems they are making another appearance

I want to say thank you
for all the kindness you have shown me this past week
I am back to myself I think
haven't found big wet tears running down my face for two days
so I've come to terms with it
I see the prayer flags when I look out of the window
and there they'll stay until they are all
prayed out
I read that somewhere recently
someone asked why all the prayer flags are so tattered and torn and old
and the answer was
they stay there until they are all prayed out

well I'm off to finish what I had started
and have a cup of tea
and a biscuit
have a great rest of the day dear readers and I'll try to be around a little more
you know
give you

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