Tuesday, January 3, 2012

how you doin'...

remember Joey on
how you doin'

is it different in any way
do you feel a difference
is the new year being good to you so far
hope so
we finally have old man winter at our door
a wind blew him in
and it's cold
but they say it won't last
so no problem
I read on three different blogs today
how bad the weather is in Sweden
and parts close to
huge winds and cold and storms
 said the weather service called it an
atmospheric bomb
so we can imagine easily what it must be like
we have been really lucky so far
but that isn't to say it's going to stay like this
oh well
nothing we can do

I found a new blog today that is just fabulous
I'll share it with you
he's a man who knits
and he's funny and talented

read about
the sheep
it will make you laugh
can't remember how the heck I ended up there this morning
but I'm glad I did
oh it was probably through the back roads from
the place you
 'pin stuff'

so much
to see there
so much to make the brain rattle around the old noggin

so nice to bump into friends there
see what they see
and then move on to more

if you knit....try it
you won't believe how simple it is
she said

I had to undo a section because I got up and did something concrete
and when I came back I didn't check where I was and made a
but working it back I got to a place I could start again
I am really really going to try to keep going
it's a really neat pattern

and this disastrous looking thing is going to be all the rage when people start seeing it
it's called
interlocking crochet
only one book on it so far
and a couple of videos on
and it isn't hard either
just need to get it in your head that you have to go around the back and through the windows
and which is the A colour and which the
you know
really simple

well I'm off for now
I think I may put it all away for today
and just do something completely different

well, cook dinner
boo hiss

fold the laundry


tidy something
uh huh I did that already
which is why I screwed up on the knitting
all the Christmas stuff is bye bye for another year

take a nap
nope too late for that!!!


see you all later
stay warm cold dry wet