Saturday, December 31, 2011

OK last one...

when we were old enough to stay up late
and actually bring in the new year with the
grown ups
my father would be given a little  packet of something and thrown out the back door
only to re-appear at the front door
as the clock was stricking
mid night
it wasn't for ages that I found out what the hell they were doing
well you know
champers and booze and  a little party partay
made the
old folk act weird sometimes
flash forward a few years and it was
husband who was given a little packet and thrown out the back door
only to re-appear at the front
my mother always took care of this
and when my sons were old enough
we threw son #1 out
he has dark eyes which apparently makes it

for those of you who are lost and thinking of leaving
it's the
 of which I speak

the first person through the door sets the mood for the year
they are supposed to bring gifts with them
is what we always did

I always wondered
as I sat in the semi-darkness and watched
 as things were taken out of the cupboards
and pockets and salt cellars and tea caddies
if it made a difference that the first things in
were already here
not to be the one to
cross the forces that be
may your first footer bring you
health wealth
above all

I will be trying to figure out the
new gadget
and wondering
how may images I could get if I just kept going....

this is the new toy
I don't know what to do with it

is there an app
for that

if I give it the tea and salt and money and bread
will it tell me
how the hell to
work it

have a good one folks


:) :) :) :) :) :) :)