Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy and sad

hello there....

see you can have the holly and the ivy
right there on the hutch
along with lots of candy!!!!
found this plate and had to have it
we sort of went shopping yesterday
but luckily the shelves were bare

seems the local economy is having  a good season
we don't really
Christmas anymore
no stress of buying everything you see
stuff just for stuffs sake
used to do it but then one year I found out that no one noticed all the things I didn't get done
and when I asked about it
they said they hadn't noticed
so I didn't anymore

for the first time in a long time
I have an amaryllis

I cheated and bought it in bud already!!!
when you can....
I say!!!!
unfortunately it isn't the
candy cane one from last year
that was really
but I didn't see any this year
well that's what you get for cheating I s'pose!!

I like it when Christmas things start mingling with everyday things

on his trip through the house the other day
the grandson found these in the drawers
and took them out and they got left where he put them

and I put two things from different people together
the card from one
the little jingle wreath from another
need to re-arrange and tidy up a bit
Mr hippo thinks so too
he's done scaring the little girl
'tis the season of goodwill after all!!!

now on to something that made me as happy as a
pig in
Last week
my favourite artist from the big woods

put up in her shop
some of the sweetest little things
I have ever seen
the very second they hit the shelves
they were swooped up by her many other fans and followers
and I missed my chance
but luckily she made a few more
so I pounced
and got...
yes an acorn

I hear you say
you have your own acorns
out there in the yard
outside your window
beyond the roomontheleft
your own
out there among the leaves and other woodland debris
many of them
tons maybe
in a good year
why would you be buying
 from the big woods
 up north
pray tell
I will tell
with a big goofy grin on my face
look what the

have you ever in your life seen anything soo adorable
sooo sweet
sooo imaginative
sooo pleasing to the eye
just soooooo
stinkin' cute
no, no you haven't
unless you visit with Lisa often and always
and see her works of wonder
this is my Christmas present this year
I wanted nothing else
 I have it
I'm happy

thank you Lisa

(the other things I want for Christmas and the rest of time
you can't make or buy
or even find in the woods
big or otherwise
so I chose this to make me happy for now)


and now to the sad
my flickr friend Mary got  such sad news today
Mary lives in Italy
she makes these adorable little figures for people
along with other things
I showed you a while ago
I entered a giveaway on her blog
but this time I was not so lucky!

she sent me this lovely little photo as a consolation prize  and it came yesterday too
 when I wrote to say thank you to her today she told me
she has to leave to go to her mother's side
in Australia

Mary, know I'm thinking of you
take care and even though it's a sad time
take all that you can from it
best wishes

hope all is well with everyone
hope you are getting the weather you want
I know my Viking Princess is

******:) :) :) :) *******

Svana is out there in the snow with her camera
clicking each one as it falls
stay warm and dry all
see ya

oh and while I have you
amazing thing the husband found today
it's days old...
but we live far out in the country you know,
 it takes the news a while to get to us!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)