Friday, December 30, 2011

thank yous,

a page full of them


Oprah used to say
or maybe it was one of her
new age
gurus or knowitalls
that you get back what you
put out into the
jimminy crickets crikey
holy cow
I must have been puttin' some damn fine
out there
this year
what I've been getting back
I am always bowled over by what you write and tell me
you have no idea how happy it makes me
and how,
unbeknownst  to you,
it usually comes at a time
I sure could use
some positivity

(yes that is a word
the spell check just checked it!!!!)

 not to go off on a tangent
as I am wont to do
I just want to say
what a great bunch of people you all are
and how much I enjoy knowing you
some better than others
but in general
I haven't bumped into anyone
I wouldn't sit down with and have a cup of

and yesterday I got a big big surprise
a big one
I received not one but two
packages in the mail
on the same day
from different
 in different countries!!!
want to see...
won't be jealous
will ya...
won't want to come over and pilfer a little

I'm not sharing
with anyone
have to  will happily with the husband
but only if he gets there first!!!!!
or finds out where I hid it all

:) :) :)

this is from Norway
where the snow isn't falling no matter how hard
Svana wishes for it to
her children made ornaments and they sent one of them to me
how wonderful
and I also got a star
that I can not make without getting all bothered and huffy about
and two adorable stones with messages of
hope and happy on them
some squishy squashy yarn
 that is already on the needles
so I can make the grandson
a hat
he likes
hats and maybe a bunnie or two with the brown
and a couple of white Norwegian mices with the white
oooooh what fun
and I'll tell him the story of where the wool came from
and who gave it to me
and why
and where and when
and we'll look it all up on the computer
and he'll learn about the other countries where all the other sweet generous people live
to all in Norway
I have put them with my treasures on the mantle
so I can see them all the time

and another place where there are wonderfully sweet people
would be on the west coast of France
Valerie lives
near the ocean and under the big blue sky

a box full of goodies and wonderful things
sweets and tea and a magazine to test my
school girl French...
maybe with the help of
Google Translate
I can whip something up for
New Year!!!
and under the goodies was a
that Valerie made
it is beautiful
it's soft and light as a feather
and I love it

I love it all
every single thing
I'm such a spoilt brat

and I love it!!!!
and you

knowing me I will be sawing logs (asleep) well before the clock strikes 12
but it doesn't mean I don't wish you all
Happy New Year

hope the new one is better than this one
coz this one didn't have so much going for it
but hey
we made it through another one
mostly together and in one piece
won't go into the annus horribilis
here's to a better one
hugs to all
big ones