Sunday, December 11, 2011

santa santa santa....

a day late and a dollar short old man
why didn't you come yesterday
when those who still believe
were here
oh well
magic happens
I guess
and the magic worked in the photos
so we can barely see you were here
we'll keep your secret for one more year


it has wheels!!!

they dont really want to be seen

well OK just one more


see ya next time around
stay well and you and the missus look good


Valeria said...

i love santa :) in Iceland we have 13 off them and the first one came last night when the kids where are sleep and he left them each a litle gift

Jeroge said...


Madhu said...

...and I thought they were here... right on the opposite side of the globe! Ah! Must be those hot wheels!!

Anonymous said...

That is very atmospheric! Well, you had lots of lovely things to do when "they" were there. I expect Father Christmas will catch up with them!