Tuesday, December 13, 2011

never just one thing....

I can never do one thing at a time
don't know why
have never been able to
it drives me crazy too

I showed you the stars yesterday
well here is a half a star

the other half still to finish

the grandson found this the other day
one of those teeny tiny little things I was making a while back
it comes from some site where she makes little pin cushions in tea cups!!!
well I don't have to say it

one finished fingerless mitten
started the other day while watching a movie

it's just a chain of 32
I used my hand ...it measures a little more than 7.5 inches around the knuckles!!!

but it isn't for me !!! so I hope the person they're for has hands close to the same size!!!!!

sc all the way around for 6 rows
on the seventh row
skip about 8-10 stitches by making a chain of 8-10 sts
and in the 9/11th st sc around
that is the thumb hole
when you reach the chain on the next row just sc around it and continue
round and round and round we go
until it's long enough
I stuck a pretty edge of two rows of star stitch at the end
cast off
the second one is on the hook!!!

love this colour!!!

then yesterday while I was surfing and perusing
I saw something that tickled my fancy
so out came the #6's and the merino mix yarn
and after a good gander at the picture
I cast on 24 stitches

we had to go out so i took it with me and did quite a lot in the car
 the pattern?
cast on 24 sts
knit to the second to last st
yo and knit last stitch
turn and knit back
do this for ten rows
 you will have little peaks at one end and 28 stitches!
on the eleventh row join a new colour
make sure you are at the flat, even, not peaked edge
and knit all stitches
knit two stitches
bind off the first
do this until you have bound off four stitches
knit back to the beginning

change back to the first colour
and repeat the
ten rows
knit to the second to last stitch
yo and knit last stitch
turn and knit back
on the eleventh row change colour and knit to end
turn and bind off the first four stitches
and what you end up with
is like a crown
and on the top are little eyelets
my only problem is................................................. I ran out of the white yarn
so I had to frog it and change the scheme
red with white instead

oh well what's new
and I'll finish a proper pattern if anyone wants it!!!
see complete and utter chaos


plus I've been changing passwords on everything
and answering emails as to whether I had sent this that and the other
and doing the wash and trying to decide what to have for dinner
poor poor me
boo hoo!!!!

trying so so so hard
not to start something else
that my brother in law sent me
if I have time maybe I'll whip one up and send it to him for
that'll teach him!!!

:) :) :)

see ya's