Wednesday, December 7, 2011

flooding and sewing... started raining last night
I heard it on and off all night long
but at 5.30 a m it came down in buckets
so I got up
the sky is white with cloud cover
it's still warm
in the 60's all night long
but the cold is coming and it's right behind all this

it never did get very light

but it's kept raining
and the ducks even had enough

and the goose
they're going to try and find a drier spot

but that won't be under the dock for a while
see how high the water is
for those of you who have had to see this view forever
you'll see the difference!!!!
and see it's up over the wall too
but it's no biggy as the youngest used to say
no biggy
we are way up the hill from there

so I put the
 hooks hooked and needles long
away for a bit
and got out the thread and the tapestry needles

and I sewed



stitches long and short

and I had a good time
coz you get lost in it and don't even notice the water rising!!!

 and when I uploaded the camera
I found this
 from yesterday I guess

:) :) :) :) :) :)

I had forgotten!!!!!

guess lambkin's wanted to sing too

fa la la la la
la la la