Monday, December 12, 2011

I don't have pictures but I thought you might like to know
the cup cakes were shared with the rest of the family
the ornaments that I we made were hung on the tree
and the other things (???) were put under the tree
between him, his father, and I we made a
"necklace" for his mum
which I put in a little box
and he wrote her name on it
and wanted to include the surname (last name) too
but I dissuaded him
not every one needs their last name attached

sometimes I look at all the stuff I have stuffed in this room
and think I should just toss it all
but then
they come
and the look on their faces makes it all worth keeping
T says she remembers it all
and likes the chest of drawers that is full of all sorts of things
that's where the paper and pencils and crayons and markers and paints come from
if you ask me
 if I have
I usually can find it in that chest of drawers
from the paper and pencils to jars empty and full!!
fabric cardboard etc etc etc...
when you are crafty and do things
you need lots of things to do it all with
so I'll hang on to it for a while longer I guess
so when they next appear
and need to
we can
how else can you make
paper things
if you don't got no paper???

and speaking of paper
which I was
don't know about YOU!!!
but I found a really nice very very quick and easy little project for you to do
(and don't forget the ones from last year that are up on the top of the page in the tuts...)

should you need more stars in your life right now
little ones should be able to do this
with a tiny bit of help

and if you need more snow"people" too
these work up in no time
I made one in less than an hour
I kept getting interrupted!!!!!

not mine from... the site

so here you go
it isn't Friday
but it's busy season
so we need to stay busy
:) :) :) :)

thank you all for all the really nice comments about lots fo things lately
you really are such a wonderful bunch of peoples
and it's so nice to see those from Flickr
wandering in and out of here now
I love having all of you and one day when I win the
we'll meet up on a nice beach somewhere
and have tea and cake
(umm, I'd better start playing the lottery!!!!!)