Monday, December 5, 2011

crochet heart pattern in English...

lousy title but that's what it is
there is a little heart floating around and seems there isn't a pattern
I've seen it in lots of different places
don't know who did it
but here it is in

with the yarn of your choice
most of the ones I've seen are made with cotton
but it doesn't have to be

ch 12
sc across
ch 1 turn and sc across

basically make yourself a square
don't cut the yarn when your're satisfied with the square
find the middle of one of the sides
the one closest to the last stitch you just made is probably the best :)
make 9 triple crochets in that middle point
when you have made the first
make a sc in the corner and make another shell of 9 trc on the next side
fasten off
join yarn in the middle of the shells and make an edge around to tidy it up
use sc or hdc
when you get back to the beginning
ss it to the first stitch and if you like make a long chain to hang it from

the end

I made this as fast as I could
it's also smaller than the pattern but it doesn't matter what size you make
it's the same idea
a square
with two
round things on two sides

the photo is complete rubbish
no light and red yarn make for a disaster

made one of the snowflake blocks and posted a photo on her blog
it was good to see the pattern worked!!
Thanks Tammy
hope you make more and end up with a happy pillow for Jingles maybe!!!

 make two of the hearts and sew them together and stuff them
or you could add them on a package
or make one of those garlands that seem to be so popular