Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a better example...

the photo from yesterday was getting on my nerve
yes I only have one left
for lots of reasons
mostly caused by
here is a better job on the pattern
it has the right amount of stitches
and it measures
which is

I had the floss out so I added a few stitches to it
and a little loop
if you don't want one don't
you can join them horizontally to make a garland
or stuff them with something smelly and throw it in a drawer
never to be seen again!!!!

the floss was out because  I have seen some embroidered buttons
and I just had to have a go

I can see now that the bottom of it doesn't show at all well so stitches will be removed and replaced with
darker thread
it isn't a bouquet of flowers
 it's a mushroom
it's OK you may laugh!!!!
and when I find all the crap stuff I have stashed away in the cupboard it's nice coz then I can just use what I have
and I have by the boatload
like the little beads that have sat there for a long time
but I have lived here forever
so the cupboard is full

a little bit of Fall is still hanging around

the sweet mums are still with us
I looked for some Christmas-y flowers in the stores but they dont' have them yet
a few years ago I bought nothing but bright red carnations and made little tight bunches of them
and shoved them in anything they would fit in
I liked it
wasn't as hideous as it sounds
but so far no red

but...(yes another one)
they did have
the taste and smell of the season
so I came home with a bag of ginger cookies
which I will share with all
and a nice cup of tea

but (!)
this is mine
I don't share this
it's the only thing I don't
you can have all the rest
but this...
you may not