Thursday, December 15, 2011

all that's left....


wasn't really thinking of posting today
but then I went to Flickr
and saw a seven day old comment
on a photo I posted
who knows when...
it's from Mahdu
who saw something in the background of the photo and made mention
it's a plate that belonged to my mother
it's old and chipped and the glaze is all crazy
but I keep it
it was my mother's!!!!

I remember being told as a child that my Mother had a "thing"
 for tea sets and dinner services
as they were called
anything china actually
apparently when they lived in Egypt and had a nice house and were probably all settled in
expecting to live their life there
she collected them
but history took over the story and
in what must have been a  very short and stressful time
they swooped my sister and I up and carried us off
out of a country in turmoil
into another
 strange and unknown
I have no memory of Egypt or our arrival in Kenya

I do remember our first house there
but not the journey to it

having no memory of Egypt makes my memories of childhood in Africa the place I think of as home
in a way
we had tons of friends
my parents lived a good life
and the memories are of wonderful things and sights
and even more wonderful holidays in other even more exotic places

the sister and I really do appreciate how very lucky we were to have lived that as young children
and then when the bad times came again
I most certainly was too young to understand the danger and the stress of having to
once again up and leave a life behind
and move on
this time to my father's home land of England
I was 10 when we got there and the first memory is of
feeling cold
we arrived in January
and it was

I can still see us
standing on the thing in the middle of the  road waiting to cross to go and buy
winter coats for us all
and my mother crying because her girls were
I even remember the coat
it was tweedy but in blues
and it felt strange

we had no home there of course
my father had no family or place to live
so we stayed in a bed and breakfast
that was run by someone my parents knew from another visit I think
but it was cold and smelly and we didn't like it
and we ate at what was called a
in England
a cafe but they mispronounced it
don't know if they still have them or call them that!!!
Ruth...Mia...Elaine..... anyone!!!
anyway the food was horrid and so was everything else
my poor mother and father
it must have been hell for them

they left everything behind....again
we just had what they could carry and the clothes on our backs
but we had a place to go
some didn't
so we were OK
just a bit lost I guess

and after a while we found a place to live
just down the road from
HRH Elizabeth II
 I used to visit
well, she never knew I was there
but I knew she was!!!!!!

:) :) :)

and slowly slowly they/we acquired that
 which makes a home
and my mother got herself some new
china sets
and this is all that's left of her last one
I did dream once of getting it all replaced from that china company that finds old china
but I don't think I will
this was hers
the ones they found
wouldn't be
and new
is out
of the question

the end!!!!!