Friday, December 2, 2011

just do it...aka the snowflake block

 on the surf through the WWW
this morning
I bumped into this a couple of times
there is no chart apparently
and there are some who want to know how to do it
so I thought I would copy it
out here in the open for all to see
if I'm wrong let me know and down it will come!!!!


I am presuming you know how to crochet
if you don't then sorry
'coz this is just the way it's put together not a detailed pattern

and this is what it is

16 dc in a circle

a row of 1dc ch 1 1dc in every other stitch
so you end up with 8 "shells"

next row
2dc  ch1  2dc  ch1
in each shell

next row it's
3dc ch1 3dc
ch1 in between
then we have 4dc ch1 with a chain in between

you'll have 8 sets of shells in the white
not so hard

change to whatever colour you choose
and in the space between the 4dc join and sc ch 3 2sc in what is now a corner
sc in between the stitches
not on top as usual
that's how the spiky look is done

sc all the way around
join at first corner
slip st into the space if needed and
ch3 make a dc
ch 3
3dc in the corner space

now to keep it straight only dc to the first space between sets of shells

in the stitch after the space do a
then sc across
do this all the way around
dc and then a hdc and then maybe 5 sc hdc and back to dc
that way it stays straight along the edge
the last row is one of sc all the way around with 3sc in each corner space

as I said at the beginning
 if this belongs to someone and they don't want it shared
I will remove it
but it's very nice and most appropriate at this time of year

enjoy for as long as you can!!!!

16dc in a ring
dc ch1 dc ch1 in every other stitch
2dc ch1 2dc ch1 in each ch 1 space
3dc ch1 3dc ch1
4dc ch1 4dc ch

join new colour
sc in between each stitch making 2sc ch2 2sc in every other set to make the 4 corners
next row is
dc in the corners and up to the first space between the sets
and dc into the corner and around to the next space
hdc 5sc hdc etc
the last row is all sc with 3sc in each corner

I found a link to the pattern
it's free so  I don't feel too badly for having posted it
please use the link if you so want

it's over here