Friday, January 20, 2012


How glad am I this weeks over


won't bore you all with why
just know I'm glad it's gone
now don't think I expect the next one to be all
wine and roses
but it hasn't shown itself yet
so we can have hope

yes we can!!!

they say it's going to snow
and then
right before
it all turns to rain
so I made sure all the important things were taken care of

I refilled the biscuit tin
ginger snaps and shortbread
now we can move forward

I keep reading how people love their smart phone cameras

so I decided that if I've got one I may as well start just using it
and getting used to it
just like I did with
so I took some snaps while the kettle was on
and these are the result
you can crop the photo right on the phone!
I discovered how to zoom
and turn the flash off
how to zero in on something
it still feels really clumsy and awkward
 but soon I won't remember how not to do it

obviously need to retake
 I wanted to show the
violets are blooming
so we have a tiny bit of colour around
sorry that's really bad!!!!!
should go back and re-do these
oh well

a tiny bit better
my favourite colour
so sweet sitting there blooming its little head off

and the orchid is still going
I had to move it back to the bedroom
because every time I switched the light on
I broke a flower
so here it sits looking over the lake
which is empty at the moment
the birds come and go
and as the snow is on its way
who knows where they went

the knitting is going slowly
my little finger cramps quite a bit so I've not been at it that much
it's the way I hold the yarn and I can't hold it any other way so.....
I have found two other things that I am dying
to do
have you noticed all the
"houndstooth" around
hats gloves
scarves and shawls
in every colour

(found on Bing)
so I wondered if one could knit it
 of course one can
so one is going to
as soon as the pinky cramp goes away
it's starting to cramp now as I type!!!!!!
and then the other thing
is from our friend over on Flickr
that some of us know and love
with her burst of colours and talent
is making a new blanket
and want to do it
before I finish anything
isn't it fabulous!!??
such a clever belle she is

hope all of you are well
and that you have a great weekend
take care all