Monday, January 9, 2012

slow and steady

one stitch at a time!!!
one column after another
the new wip keeps going
I don't like the yarn I chose to use
but we'll see when I'm done

the little no longer needed bag
has been stuffed with tissues
and put in the hand bag
so it is no longer
useless or unwanted

I even looked for buttons for it
the one above was given to me by a friend who bought these in
they are made of bone
I don't know whose bone
but maybe a deer or an elk or a buff   they don't have buffalo in Alaska
so maybe a moose-es!
well they didn't look like they belonged so I dug a little deeper in the
button box
and found these

amber-ish glass rounds ... perfectly sized to go through the holes in the cable stitch
so that's done!!!

the  weather this weekend was fantastic
warm and sunny
actually it felt
it's too warm and it doesn't feel right
the geese are coming in by the gaggle
and leaving again
they seem agitated
probably know something we don't

(this was taken at a time after they had left!!!)
just in case you are scanning for geese)

(that's a contrail... obviously left by a plane flying over just before I took this
it isn't goose gas!!!!)

 I know
is that last night
Downton Abbey
started again
second season is here
I waited all day long like a child waiting for
and when it started
I didn't want it to ever stop!!!!
even with all the horror of another war story to be told
but it's just
fantabulously fabtasticly
to have it back

:) :) :)

so don't call me or come by on Sunday nights for a while!!!!
just let me be
on the couch
all of them in that
amazing house

:)  :) :) :) :) :) :)

so... while I waited for them all to come back
I worked on the wip a bit more
 after one disaster that I wasn't sure I would be able to remidy
I got back to working on the

lots and lots of
dropped stitches

:) :)

 it is now snowing!!
just a little bit
it's snowing!!!!