Tuesday, January 31, 2012

have a good laugh...

at this

holy crap look at these!!!!
I was looking for something else and bumped into this lot
polymer clay days
beads and bracelets and dangley bits
OH MY!!!
seems I was learning how to make
swirls and feathers and jungle type things
I do remember a friend asking me to make her sister,
who lives in the Yucatan,
some jewels with a jungle theme
well that's what I understood she wanted
her English is no'so goot
and she did like what I made and actually wore it a lot
 but I don't  really know why I still have these
I do also remember learning how to make the feathers
that was fun and interesting
like so many things
it sits in a drawer now

this is what I was wanting to do the other day so I did
a tiny hexagon
double knitted

done on three needles
:) :) :)
well, not quite like that!!!!
:) :) :)

so  I practiced on bigger yarn and bigger needles
and I made one
well two if you count the little one too
it's so nice to know I have learnt something over all this time
double knitted
making a smooth edge that way
neat stuff

 and in between times
doodling on the cover of a small canvas so as not to mess the canvas up
may just put that on the canvas now I see how it looks

so that's all the crazy there is today

the temperature is going up into the
hi 60's
it may break the records
they say it may go as high as 68F

61 F is
16 C

spring like
and in 48 hrs it will be