Monday, January 16, 2012

still around

just incase you were wondering
very quiet and still
life around here has almost come to a standstill
it's January I guess

well actually it isn't so quiet sometimes
like at just before the sun comes up

you can see the street light is still on

the visitors decided to wake everyone up this morning
all of them talking at once
geese and both kinds of ducks
and it's
COLD out there
below freezing for sure these past few mornings
yelling their heads off must make them feel

maybe if I make this big enough
I can turn it into a
goose net
cheeky buggers

and this is what is on the hook

off to get supplies
see ya later
if you're good
I'll get some goodies
for later!!!



Anonymous said...

I rather like all the noise and kerfuffle the birdees make in the morning. The Mr isn't quite as appreciative as myself but for me, you can't beat it!

I love your blanket - it's extremely pretty. I haven't crocheted for quite some time and tried to do some the other day as I have some acrylic yarn that I wanted to use up in a blanket but it really hurt my wrists to do so. Knitting and spinning has rendered my ability to crochet to next to nothing!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are still there knotting beautiful goose nets!
Love that starry chevron pattern. Well found! - again! Mia S

Annie said...

Oh wow, I LOVE what is on the hook! I really need to get on with my crochet practice!

elaine said...

Both your projects are looking amazing - that crochet design I MUST try!! Love how it's working up. And I really must try the lacy knit - oh, it's so easy to be distracted, lol!