Sunday, January 22, 2012

another day...

You "guys"
you're so sweet and such a cherry bunch to have around
a girl can't be bored or blue with you
comments and messages and e mails
pictures to look at
photos pinned to your boards
 or just a sweet word

thank you
I not bored no more

it's still cold and grey and gloomy

(that is now all ice and crispy crunchy)

but it's a new cold grey and gloomy
so we'll make the best of it
and just enjoy the
feel of it all
don't have to cook today as I did it yesterday and the day before
so it's leftovers
or you're on your own
I like it when I don't have to cook!!!
and then other days it's all I want to do
 cook everything in sight
do you do that?

I have given up on the wip
the knitted one
the yarn is just horrible so I'm going to start it with another yarn
and this is
the most important thing
I won't have enough to make it worth the frustration
it will be too small to be of any good
so we'll put it down to
that was a practice one
no griping about it
practice makes
yes it does!!

so I've dragged the bins into the living room
brought out the note books
that have notes
I can doodle in

will fire up the kettle in a while
and work on the
hooked wip
it's slowly growing in length
and it's still keeping me happy!
(phew!  she said, no griping about this one)

but my new love keeps rearing it's pretty little head and calling to me
houndstooth design
I found one to copy
and copy I shall

here is a swatch I made 'coz
 I couldn't not made it
if you know what I mean
it's time to go and do something constructive and then settle down
ignore the gloom outside
and get stuck in
and tonight is
Downton Abbey
so all is well with the
here at the
hope it's the same in yours

stay safe and warm
and thanks for
cheering me up

and just a note...
the colour in last night's photo
was as it appeared
I didn't change anything
it was as they say
(straight out of the camera)
I waited a bit too long to take it
but imagine it even more rosy
incredible what the light and air do

the above photos were taken on the phone
a little bit of adjusting was done