Wednesday, January 11, 2012

cabin fever setting in...

took this through the screen on the window
it snowed a little more than this
but it got too dark to see it
it's all gone
and it's raining now
and I have a headache
and it's cold-ish

found these on the camera
I made them for the
he likes owls

well he did the last time he was here
I think he likes it all when he sees it
and then forgets what it was
that's what being 6 is all about

the more I work on this the more I hate the yarn
and I don't know if I will have enough
that's all there is of it
and I can't get more as it was discontinued
  I still like the pattern and still find it easy
even though
I had a near disaster
mis counted, mis read,
stitches fell off
different from them being pushed off on purpose
with a lot of patience
and bright light
I managed to get back to a place I could start again

and I have finished one more column
this yarn tends to split and has some areas where the ply is broken
it's annoying me!!!
but practice makes perfect
or so they say

see ya later


Andi said...

I love the view, it looks like a winter wonderland!
Great job on the knitting. It looks perfect to me!

Anonymous said...

How annoying when things drop off the needles! You have done well to recover it. Love the pictures too, and those owls are so cute! Mia S

NillaK said...

Your weather is just like mine then. No more snow, but plenty of rain... Do not like it one bit. Your knitting looks great, but splitting yarn is truly annoying. Hope you have enough. Love your owls, I'm sure he'll love them!

Gloria Beatriz said...

Beatiful owls!!!

Love your Knitting...

-.- -.-

Annie said...

What a pity you don't like the yarn, the colour is beautiful. Hope it will be worth the frustration of knitting with something so awkward when you come to wear it :D

Valeria said...

oh boy dont talk about the rain !!im up to my ears with rain these days,wondering will it ever stopp

love the look off that scarf (it is a scarf right ?)
this month isnt my month even if its my birthday soon.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I see your mild weather turned to snow. The owls you made are so very cute. And your newest project looks like it would definitely take some concentration. Looks great. Stay warm and cozy! Tammy

elaine said...

This is looking beautiful, what a lovely colour of yarn. Your clear photos will really help me when I start this, lol!!