Friday, January 27, 2012

in the words of Johnny Carson?

wacky wacky
the temperature rose over night
as the winds blew in from the West
bringing rain and thunderstorms with it
we had a squall come through  at around 8.30 a m that turned it black outside
and it was gone as fast as it had come in
then the sky started changing by the minute

love looking at the sky
hope your sky is worth a look today
now the temperature is
and will continue to all day long
wacky wacky
they said it's the warmest winter in history
don't think they are too far off this time!
but it's only
we still have a long way to go

so get an idea/pattern stuck in your head
work on it a while
knit yourself a little rectangle

sew up the bottom third of it

find some fabric that kinda sorta matches/compliments
and make a little lining

 put a little pocket or three in it
to put
stuff in
needles and pins
and scissors

or even your pennies
for a rainy day

and as they say .......
somewhere out there
you have yourself another little
made of
hounds tooth check
that has finally
moved itself out of your brain
so you may now move on to other

see ya!!


Valeria said...

ohh how fun ,im also making a bag ,or trying to get an old one finished ,but it wont hold penny´s ,i have a nother plan for it ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your new header picture. Love the subtle hounds tooth bag. Wonder what will wheedle its way into your subconsciousness next!

NillaK said...

What a pretty little bag! Have to close my eyes and think of something else when I see it, or I'd want to make one too. And I don't need more ideas right now... :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Those skies are a'changing. I am constantly sky watching. Hubby thinks I'm crazy though I did see him walk out on the balcony a few days ago and gaze upwards. Most of the year there's nothing going on -- either the sky is blue or hazy with dust. I love seeing the clouds this time of year. As long as it doesn't rain too much and cause other problems. I see that you continue to keep busy. I've been doing a whole lot of cooking and baking but not a lot of crafting of late. I could certainly make an envelope type bag, but wouldn't be so good at sewing a lining. Bought some new yarn on sale yesterday so must see what I can start on. We have a three-day weekend coming up. Can't wait! Best wishes to you, Tammy