Friday, January 6, 2012

6 days in already...

so... have you been collecting all those tp and paper towel rolls
like the good Eco friendly bunch that you are
short of covering the walls with "sculptures"
or windows with "snowflakes"
what else have you done with them

I made some spools with some

I cut the roll about 2.5" long
cut two circles using the
Vick's jar top as a guide
glued the ends and stuck the circles on
found some paper in the drawer I was looking through
when all this
paper crafting suddenly hit
covered the ends with it
to make it look vintage and antique :P

and from another drawer
took the  left over bits and wrapped it around the spools

e voila

leftover yarn
on leftover rolls

now we're savin' the planet!!!

I made a little cover
for the new gadget...
I didn't want the screen to get scratched in my bag
or for the thing to be turned on accidentally and scan the Web on its own
and pick up some sort of

 husband has been
what they call
'butt dialled"
by his sister no less

that means that you sit on the phone and it randomly dials a number
unbeknownst to you!!!

I made it with this
daffodil coloured silk blend  I've had for a while
figured it's soft enough not to scratch
it's quite bright and loud too
and I thought I would be able to see it easily in the
dark pit of the bag

husband got a real and genuine gadget protector
made of leather/ette (?) that fits much better
and protects much better
this will be used for something else

I used that wonderful cable stitch I found
and used on the funky chunky scarf
it makes a thick fabric which is why I used it to make the bag
 that isn't needed and that won't be used
oh well...
maybe a tissue holder?

and finally
(I hear you cheering!!!)
I've turned the corner on the new attempt at making something new and different
I haven't worked on it very much since I showed you the other day
but this morning I sat and knitted and with each stitch
marveled at the age old wonder of
why are hard looking things easy
easy things


weaving and curving
up and down

round and round
making holes out of curves...and getting to drop stitches

have a great weekend everybody
thanks for coming by and leaving all the nice comments
glad you liked the new blogs!!

and for those of you who come and don't leave comments
but swoop in and take the patterns without a word of thanks or acknowledgement
hope you're enjoying learning something new
I can see you
 you know
as the numbers are large and I know where it is you go
but do tell me one thing

why the waffle weave

:) :) :) :) :)