Wednesday, January 25, 2012

translations...or lack thereof...

"But then, she had a singing where genius washed everything, strengthened it and put the band on a part and then arranged her over a curtain rod in his Office"

"It is a long time now that I crochet clearly this bag. It has been empty and lacking in a bag while waiting for the upholstery of several months.
Shame on me not arranged before hihi"

"4th row:

Crochet 1 semi hard arc in the resolve.

Crochet 3 resolve, crochet in the same resolve arch 2 sticks,

hook in next resolve arch 3 sticks,
hook in next resolve arch 3 sticks 2 resolve 3 sticks (angle),
* hook in each of the following 3 resolve bogen 3 sticks,

hook in next resolve arch 3 sticks 2 resolve 3 sticks (angle) *.

Repeat between * and * 2 x.

Crochet in the last unloading arch 3 sticks,

connect with ae 1 half fixed on top of the stick"
 just three I came across today
most of them are unintelligible
maybe we should hire the "Stepford Wives" to make a list of words that can then be loaded
and speaking of the
 Big G
something must be happening again
because everything is falling apart
can't comment
pages don't load properly
or at all
they are shutting down Picnic on Flickr
soon it will all be one big
G up
maybe it's time to look at other blog sites
Oh well!!


Teresa said...

It's a nag, isn't it? I'm wondering how to fix my pictures too after the big shutdown :(
And translations... sometimes I get reeeeeeeally lost in translation lol!!!

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Yeah, things are really crazy & messed up here on the net when some have things that don't work and shuttin' down. Seems they would be on top of this stuff and be prepared to replaced. Why haven't they said something?

Ruth said...

That first sentence at the top of your post sounds like something from a Mills and Boon novel!! Blogger is being a bit of a Bugger at the mo for me, as is Google Reader (but it's all the same company isn't it). I looked at Wordpress but to be honest I cannot get my head around how to get a blog on there set up - not a particularly user friendly site IMO.

Hope you're dandy! :) x