Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have installed a translator....over on the side. 
I have nothing to do
with what it does to your language.
I have used it on other blogs
and I usually end up in fits of laughter.
Poor Google,
trying to
crochet patterns
into english
is really
If you don't crochet
you won't be able to make
heads or tails
out of it.
Wonder what it will do
with that expression???

just a photo to fill in the space!!!


Frualbertsson said...

Hello Marilyn
These translators are fun, sometimes they translate the swedish word for crochet to WOOD??? why??? :-)
But also it´s such a great thing becouse of it I can actually speak with people that speaks spanish for example, and I do certainly not speak that language fluently

Have a nice day


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, sorry to hear that the fiddly thing didn't work out. I am not so great at difficult patterns. Ha! I think granny squares are difficult. They don't look to be so, but my brain for someone reason just can't work it out. I'll keep trying though. I tend to stick with things I know I can do. Keep it simple. You already create some amazing items -- I'm always in awe of folks who can do so much. Hope you are having a most wonderful. Belated birthday wishes to you son. All the best, Tammy :)

Svana Valería said...

now thats just funny ,i sometimes try to use google transl but men it just kills me sometimes to try to figure things out but lucky me i always find the right way to the things i look for ,keep those garden pic´s coming i love them ,makes my rainy day looking at youre lovely garden ,take care