Saturday, May 29, 2010

sunset shadows glass trees and hairy flowers

Now isn't that an enticing title????
The glass tree is the
Austrian Black Pine
that appears to be made of glass in the sunset
Unfortunately it doesn't show up
so well in the photo
but beleive me
it looks like glass
It has been cloudy all day today
but the sun came out just in time to make shadows

and light up the

and show the hairy flowers
in all their glory!!!

and another wip

Show it to you tomorrow
have a good evening
or night
where ever you are.


Svana ValerĂ­a said...

more lovely plants ,it must be nice spending time in this pretty garden ,hope youre weekend was good

Andi said...

I have garden envy every time I look at your posts. Just perfect!
Can't wait to see the new WIP.
Have a wonderful weekend.

~ Mormorshem ~ said...

Lovely pictures ~~~

My english is not so good, but I try to write some words to You too :-)

Thank you for visiting me :-)

MDScaper said...

I was just thinking how it seems you always find something different to write about! Well done. I also noticed that I am in the minority among your followers--more females than males!!! What does that say about me? LOL.