Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just so you don't think
I am ignoring you !!!
I thought I would just pop in
to say I am
having an
allergy attack
of some kind
and it is making me
very itchy
I am not one who
suffers from allergies
so this is a little
to say the least
I think it is the grass
which is now going to seed
the pollen count has been extrememly high
this year
and we got some flowers
the other day
that I discovered
had a sprig
of eucalypus
in it.
THAT I am allergic to..
and the house has been open
the pollen
and dust
just go to me.
I feel better today
but I
still want to sleep
all the time
and I itch.
My ankles
and my elbows too!!!
I am really OK
but I don't have anything to write about
other than what
I just wrote about!!!
see you
hope you are all well...
leave a note and let me know
and complain about something
so I am not alone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Complaint: It's freezing here, windy, raining, grey and miserable. People sneezing in the subway from colds and 'flu, not allergies! But at least no tornadoes or horrible tar covering that poor wildlife. Undo complaint.

Frualbertsson said...

What beautiful pictures you have taken, especially love the picture in your header.
By the way, my mom has a cat who lookes exactly like yours. It´s a girl named Mimmi :-)
Have a nice day


Valerie said...

I'm sorry ! i can so relate to this. i'm allergic to pollens as well (but not only) and i've had such a poor health these é or 3 past weeks.
i thought the rain showers we've had the past week would make me feel better but no ! so much pollen still flying all over in the air..
get well soon xo