Friday, May 7, 2010


Here we are at the end of another week.
First week of May is done already.
You know if the year keeps flying by like this
we'll be talking
Christmas before we know it.
I was hoping to show what I started
when I got my new book,
but I can't
because I am an idiot
 and didn't get enough
of what I needed.
It really pissed me off,
so I went outside,
yelled at the cat
 that seems
to have taken up residence
in the bushes
by the bird feeder
and seems determined to eat everyone of them
and decided to water the plants

because the last two storms
went right by us
and the plants are parched
So after I had gotten myself together
I took a photo or twelve of the
Mountain Laurel
that is in full bloom.
The flowers start out as little
that turn into little balloons

that burst open to show their
very interesting
look at the colour in the very middle
lovely shade of green...

I came back inside
and found this!!!
 I guess I'll be doing some
cleaning up again!!!!

It'll keep me out of trouble!!
and remember

have a great evening
and laugh....
it makes you feel good.

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