Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sunshine on my shoulder

and my magnificent
white rhododenrons
make me very happy
The snow this winter seems to have done
 so much good
so much damage to all the plants.
the leaves are all spotted and holey
but the flowers
are fantastically fabulous.
The sun was shining through the
trees that are fully clothed in their leaves.
and under some of the leaves
you find the fruit of their labours!!!
and then you find
just plain old show offs
who if they made a sound
would deafen you in their splendour
and then there is
my tree
the one I told you about
My magnificent
giant of a tree
who sits at the bottom of the garden
and just


Content in a Cottage said...

Beautiful photographs today. Thanks for a glimpse into your garden.

MDScaper said...

Thanks for the photos M!

Anonymous said...

I see you!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love your tree that IS because it IS absolutely stunning. Love all the flower and all your crochet projects. I am SOOOO easily distracted and have SOOOO many unfinished projects. And my dining table is a total disaster. It's the weekend, so let's hope I can get organized and work on something fun like the tut you gave. Can you actually just look at a piece and come up with the pattern on your own, or are you following patterns. I tried a granny square the other nite. I tried years ago too. Apparently I am granny square impaired. Ugh! Hope you are having a fabulous day. Best wishes, Tammy