Monday, May 3, 2010

Finish what I start...

That is going to be my new mantra.
As the description on the blog header says
this is the place
to turn into chaos.
Unfortunately that is how I am.
I get distracted very easily
and see something
have to do it,
make it
cook it
or whatever
I drive myself nuts and I am sure
others too.
But over the weekend I managed to actually
start and finish
find and finish.
See the trend
I had and still have
some flower blocks hanging around
so with two of the biggest ones
I made a little bag for
the grand daughter.
Have to make another one, for the other one!!!
And then think of something for the grandson....
don't think he's into needlework...
maybe a book.
I have been making things for a friend of mine
who lives far from me
and needs a little pick me up
so these are going to her.
I have other things but won't show them incase she drops by!!!
Used these to make a stash holder.. 
8 blocks sewn together
and you have yourself and basket.
could be a bag, but I don't need a bag
I need a stash holder.

A big honking square mat
four Japanesey coasters.
I copied the coasters right off the computer screen
from a book on etsy!!!
I do that!!!
So that is what I have been doing,
in the roomontheleft.
I won't tell you what I've been doing in the other rooms..
it's boring!!
Nothing new in the garden today.
It's hot and humid and grey
but I'm not complaining.
I'm inside in the cool
and we are having
spaghetti tonight!!!
see ya...


Anonymous said...

Glad it's not just me that does that with books! There's many a time when I see a photo in a book, catalogue or a magazine and think "I can make that!" :)

Valerie said...

your stash holder is so cool !
talking about cottons & crochet, i'm considering making a bath mat...