Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another tut!!!

this is for my version of the cluster stitch in the pillows that were all the rage a few months back!!!

This is for "bienzfive"
from Flickrville
but you can use it too
if you wish!!!
8sc in magic ring
join into circle and cut the yarn
join new colour
put the hook into same space
and then yo
and pull through
yo into same space
3 more times
you will have 8 loops on the hook
yo and pull through all 8
ch 2
next "petal" is hook in space yo pull through
do this 4 times now
make 7 more
join with sl st
and cut yarn

2nd and 3rd row
with new yarn
in any space between "petals"
make sc ch3 sc (corner)
ch3 into next sp (miss two "petals")
sc ch3 sc into corner
and continue around
so you have four corners and four sc inbetween
join with sl st at beginning
and ch 3 and make dc in each space
doing 3dc ch3 3dc in each corner.

You can fasten off at this point
or continue..up to you
The last two photos are of the
same middle but with
bobbles in the second row...
and then the edge is the same.

bienzfive, if you have any trouble understanding this...
let me know

2 comments: said...

ooh Marilyn, you're an angel ! Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial! Off to VA for my baby's graduation...but will give this a try when I get bac. Thank you, thank you ....xo maria

Marilyn said...

You're welcome!!