Thursday, May 20, 2010

They're ba--ack

The birds on the water
have been absent
for quite awhile

today I saw two Geese
Canada Geese
not Canadian tho' !!!

and a rather large Heron.
Two seconds after I snapped this
he took off
didn't come back!!!
It's very hard to
take a photo
of birds.
They move too fast
or hide
in places
 where you can't
get a good shot

See her there in the middle ?
I think she was waiting to fly into her nest
which is in the dayglo green bush
this tree.
Have no idea who she is...
but she's there
so I took her a picture!!!!!
The sun is shining today
and it will get warm
this afternoon,
maybe close to
it was
and the rain we got
some good
off to finish
fiddly thing....

1 comment:

Frualbertsson said...

Wonderful pictures, I love herons, they look så handsome :-)
I live just 20 meters from a Nature reserve where a lot of different birds can be seen. I have seen herons there, but also a lot of birds that I don´t know the names of.

Have a nice day!