Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blogging with Frogging

There is a new link thing called blogfrog...
it shows you who is stopping by to say
I think bloggers like to see that.
if you have a blog
and would like to join
just click on the link on the side
and you can sign up.
I am not promoting this
or getting anything for it,
it's free and easy,
it's just a suggestion
because if you join it
then we can see eachother
when we visit.
Does that sound as pathetic
to you
as it does to me??
This may be it for today..
and if it is
have a nice evening
and I'll see you
next time.


Frualbertsson said...

I think that blogfrog is a good idea :-) it was becouse of it that I found at least 3 blogs I read often.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sounds like a very good "widget" although I must confess, if I spend any more of my evenings reading new blogs, I may be a single lady before it's over :)
Just kidding.
Thank you for your lovely comments, I hope to visit often.
Love your kitty on the sidebar...