Monday, May 17, 2010

plop plop plop

It's raining!!!!
I am happy!!!
I went to sleep last night
listening to the first few drops
falling on the skylight
above our bed.
I woke up this morning to the same
but a little heavier.
I did a lot of watering yesterday
and I am glad I did.
The ground will soak up the rain now,
instead of it running off the
dry, cracked
We haven't had any rain for quite awhile
I hesitate to say I'm happy it's raining
because of all the destructive
flooding just West of us.
Nature is cruel sometimes
there isn't much we can do
when it turns against us
and causes so much
Man is also
as witnessed
in the
Gulf of Mexico.
I could go off on that subject
It speaks for itself
and we don't need another
added to the peanut gallery.
it's the beginning
of yet
another week
and are
 we glad for it?
I hope so.


Valerie said...

yes there 's a lot that could be said about men mistakes and the power of mother nature...
but you have every right to enjoy the rain... as much as we would enjoy the sun here ! it's been our coldest month of may in 50 years :(
happy week to you !

Anonymous said...

Any guesses as to what this picture is? First I thought it was a plant, but maybe it's the back of a wicker chair? With raindrops ... Any more guesses?

allertadele said...

I've just seen the quote you've added to your blog by Henry David Thoreau, it says everything in one line that I was trying to say on my blog, but just rambled instead :)