Saturday, April 10, 2010

While I was taking these photos
this morning,
to show you the ferns
I became aware of
the sound of
big trucks
in the back of the house.
There was a fire truck
and a couple of sherriffs
cars, two ambulances
and I could hear more coming.
My heart dropped to my feet
when I saw a water rescue
go around to the other side of the lake.
I will tell you now, it was a false alarm,
but while we didn't know that
it was traumatic,
to say the least.
A neighbour
made the call
there was a boat adrift
and it was empty.
They came to make sure
nothing horrible had happened
and hopefully
it hasn't.
I am still shaking
but it will
go away
and thankfully
there was no tradgedy.
Eyes will be on the lake
for a good while though...
we've had it happen
it is something
one doesn't ever want to happen again.

1 comment:

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's always heart-stopping when emergency vehicles are responding, even worse when it's within eye-range.
Thank you for stopping by my place, a fellow Brit !
Hope we get to visit back and forth often....