Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Completely addicted!!!

From the moment I get up to dreaming about it,
I think about crochet these days!!
We went out a few days ago
and I got something from the craft store
and on the way back
I whipped out the yarn and the new hook I bought
and crocheted all the way home!!!
I need help!!
I do enjoy it
so I guess there is nothing wrong with it.
I do do other things as well
but the hook is never far from my hand
and my room is beginning to look like
a very large
very colourful
spider web!!!

If the cat comes to visit
she has to be careful
not to get tangled up.

There are little bits of yarn
all over the house,
which are picked up when seen,
and I have three things going at once!!

So there you go,
my name is Marilyn
and I am an addict.
A crochet addict.

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