Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It isn't all crochet and knitting....

over on Flickr...
there is a young lady who has become enamoured with
toilet paper rolls.
Yes, you heard me!!
In this day of using absolutely everything
and not tossing anything into the land fills
she was inspired to make these.
I really, really, like them.
a view of her tatto'd foot!!

a mask
love the play of light and shadow

and this
that tempts me no end!!!

Her name is Daniela,
I'm not sure where she is,
but where ever it is,
she's having fun and doing something
Thought I'd show you
there is more
than just the

1 comment:

allertadele said...

These are great, I love the photos she has taken and am off to have a look.
I tried to read your blog yesterday, but all I got was an error saying your page was no longer there. I was a bit worried that you had disappeared. Good to see you back.