Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello world.
You still out there?
You have all been very quiet lately.
The numbers on my little world keep going up
but you sneek in and out
without a word
so I have a feeling I am doing something wrong.
Bet it's too much crochet stuff and not enough
photos and words.
Well, it really is rather boring around here right now.
Spring has arrived
and the plants and flowers
and the trees
are doing their thing,
but so far
nothing worth
or reporting about!!!
the birds are busy
nest building.
The neighbour next door
just got some new furniture
but I missed
seeing it
so I can't tell you what it looked like.
I don't make a very good nosy neighbour!!!
The hubs suggested I go and knock on the door
with clipboard and camera in hand
to take down the details
for you,
but I don't think she would appreciate that!!!!
how are you all doing?
Well, I hope
and getting a chance to
enjoy Mother Nature
in all her glory.
And to the commenter
who asked for the glasses
I'll add them to the will
my son,
you can have them then!!!!
Stay well,
enjoy the weekend
do something
that will make you
happy and relaxed
and I'll see you
next time.
Which might be later today.

When all else fails
slap up a cute photo!!!!


Karin said...

Hi Marilyn
Here I am, leaving a comment and I'm fine!
Have a great weekend!
~X~ Karin

MDScaper said...

I'm here M!!! I always try to stop by even on my busiest days. : ) I'm a reliable friend.