Friday, April 9, 2010

Whacko Weather

Well, I guess that expression,
if you wait five minutes it will change,
held true this week.
Three days of summer with record breaking heat
and then
rain and wind
that blew the blossoms off the trees
so this was one of the shortest
bloom times
and this morning it is cool
and damp
and back to Spring.
the pollen has been washed away,
the car is its normal colour again
and the front is covered in
seed pods!!
The temperature was
91 deg F
for two days
86F yesterday
and it's going to be
61F today.
A 30 deg difference in
48 hours!!!!
kind of a summer
we are going to have
this year??!!

1 comment:

MDScaper said...

M, I was glad for the cooler weather. The heat was too much too soon! You expect it in July and August but in March!!!