Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Rose...

(US terms used)

chain 40 and dc across

roll it up and sew it to keep it together

make 6 ch3 loops in the back
and make 6dc in each loop

make 6 ch3 loops again
joining into the middle of each petal

make 3dc ch2 3dc into
each loop
and you will have the hexagon
behind the flower.

if you want to join them it can be done by the join-as-you-go method


Svana Valería said...

oh thanks for saharing this so much beautiful pattern im sure you know by now i love it ;)

Frualbertsson said...

So I find your blog to, I really like it here so I think I will stay! Must trye your pattern when I am finished with my tablecloth :-)