Monday, April 12, 2010

Really quiet

here in the woods
by the lake!!
The weather is gorgeous.
I went outside and sat in the sun
and cool breeze
off and on today,
until the ants started biting!
I took my hook and a couple
of balls of cotton
and made 6 little coasters
for the summer.
I haven't completely finished them
so no pics!
I still have a couple of things to finish
and if this lovely weather stays put
I may just take a book outside
and start reading again.
I haven't felt like it
but I keep thinking I should
because I have 4/5 new books.
I have to be in the mood
 then I can read.
for hours.
I am lucky
to be able to.

1 comment:

MDScaper said...

You are so productive with your crocheting!