Wednesday, April 21, 2010


there are years when it seems
that everything goes wrong.
Not big things,
just lots of little things
that add up
to a lot.
We had plumbing problems
in the winter.
We had the 'fridge
that took a week to fix
we had to throw almost a weeks worth of food away.
The winter ice has cracked the down spout
on the gutters
and when it rains
the water pours out
and is making a big hole
in the flower bed underneath it.
And now the lawn mower is kaput
and we can't cut the grass.
So the wild flowers are growing
and the weeds are
and it looks like a meadow
I love it!!!
It is raining today.
Real proper rain
that will water the ground
that is already dry
and it will
give the flowers and plants
and the trees
what they need to continue
yet another yearly cycle.
The rain will wash the pollen
out of the air too,
which is the best thing of all.
So, rain rain
don't go away
please continue
all the day
stay until your job is done
and then we can
solve the problems
and have some fun!!!!
Have a good one
hope your problems
all stay


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that:
Must be in the air!

manitos a la obra........ said...

UN HAPPY EARTH DAY tambiƩn para ti..nuestro querido planeta requiere el cuidado de todos..un abrazo grande..GINITA