Monday, April 5, 2010


Is there anything better than early morning?
The air is still cool
the light is fresh and clean
and the birds are just beginning
to stir
and make their first sounds
I have been woken up the past few mornings
by The Cardinal,
who seems to be the
one who announces daybreak
these days.
He has a way of calling
that sounds like
and lately it has sounded like
so I imagine him telling us
that he had a
tomaytoe burritoe in larradoe
His mate,
who is much quieter
as she goes about her daily business,
once in awhile
can be heard
suushhing him!!!!
I swear she does!!
He sits atop the trees and just sings his little heart out.
He takes over the feeder when he's done
and only surrenders it
to her
when she lands on it,
checks the area,
proceeds to choose,
very carefully,
which seed she will
Her bright red beak
is my favourite
about her...
and her sense
of decorum.

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