Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday roundup

here we are again it's Friday.
I don't know why it strikes me
more than any other day
but it does.
It is also the last day
of the
fourth month of the year.
It's May Day tomorrow.
My oldest son
is going to be 37 years old this month.
I was a mere child when I had him
that is why
I am not old
he is!!!
And my second born
in June
he will be 33.
But in reality
he will never
be older than 12!!
They are both wonderful
lovely (?)
young men
and I am proud to be their Mum.
I don't see them nearly as often as I'd like,
but they are on the other end of the phone
or computer screen
so they aren't that far away.
This is beginning to sound like
a Mother's Day post..
it isn't.
I just wrote what came to me.
back to Friday again.
This morning it was gorgeous
not as cold as the previous two nights
so the sun broke on a warm
Spring day
and I took my walk
and came back with these.

The spiderwort hadn't woken up yet
an hour later she had
the colombine too!!
My, getting to be a very old lady
fern, in the morning light.
Free grass seed here.
I made some little doilies

different colours

and did a little sorting out
of the yarn barn
that is better known
room on the left!!
Have a good evening
and a better


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AZBelle (Sandy) said...

Hi there, just found your blog while searching thru Flickr looking at African flowers (I love the bags you made with that pattern). I really love the doilies you made in this post and would love to make some up for a friend of mine who is also in need of some cheering up. Would you consider sharing the pattern? Feel free to visit my blog too, I am at