Saturday, June 4, 2011

five days later!!

It's five days since I wrote anything here

don't know where they went
but they went
time seems to be speeding along
faster than ever
one would think that for someone who doesn't have kids or a job
time would stand still or move very slowly
but it doesn't
I remember as a child thinking that
half an hour was an eternity
my mother would say
you can't do that for half an hour
and I would sit and wait
and it would seem like forever
then when the kids came
half an hour was like five minutes
remember nap time
put them down
think you have a couple of hours
and that seemed like
five minutes too
and now five minutes
is like
so five days is like
a half an hour
if you get my drift

my hunt for inspiration has continued
but I finished what I had started
for a change
and now I am over the
I have satisfied my need to
make anymore
but I did learn a couple of things along the
watery way
finally now I can join two colours properly and there isn't that little
'jig' up or down at the end of the row
so that was good

and the resident handy man is using his
Papa's Day present and finishing what was started
I don't know
four years ago!!!
there are ladders and nails involved
so I have to stay alert to sounds of things falling
and so far....none have been heard
the weather is fabulous
so that is good

after a few days of hell on earth
it has become spring like again
it's absolutely
I sat out and enjoyed it for a while
until the bees and wasps and ants got to me
god I hate all the bugs and creepy crawlies out there
but while I was there it was
that is good too

and this little guy stopped by for a visit
husband found him crawling through the back on his way to the lake
the turtle not the husband!!!
I think it might be a snapper
because he hasn't got the flap in the front like a box turtle
but I don't know!!!
not so good
 if you put your finger too close to his mouth...

what I do know
 is that this little guy is the
cheekiest, chattiest, funniest little thing ever
it's a cat bird
or as I have said
the stud in the rug
lousy picture I know but he won't come out and have his mug shot
so you can see the toupee he wears on top of his head
he spent the whole afternoon chatting with the husband
while he worked on the door frame
and if you time it just right you can have a conversation with him
and have him say
at the right time
silly thing
he's a very good thing

the magnolia is bursting at the seams

and the rose bush has a bunch of buds again

and although we saw
 the shadow
of a hummer on the front door
the other evening
most bizzare thing ever
no one is visiting the feeder
I think it needs moving but the resident expert on all things
says it's just fine where it is
so there aren't any visitors
not good
not good at all

and the hydrangea has three different colours on it
a pink

a bluey purple

and a greenish hue!!!
and the blooms are tiny
no matter what I do or don't do
this garden does as it pleases
nothing is ever as it should be
and I know to just let go and enjoy what I get
voles and moles
bees and wasps
ants by the million
snakes that hide where you need to go
turtles wandering to and fro
cheeky birds
that talk back to you
it's like living in a frigging zoo

and that is good!!!

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Andi said...

It is good indeed! I want to give that little turtle a kiss, way too cute. :) I have been inspired by the lovelies on your hook. I think I need to make me some watermelons! I am so glad Spring has returned for you M- XO.