Sunday, June 12, 2011

new fashion?

I was sitting on the couch last night
watching the only thing worth watching

trying to finish a second something

there are a zillion
HDTV channels
on our new cable line up
they've changed the channel numbers
provided us with
choose whatever you want
look how pretty this all is
push a button and you can buy stuff off the TV now
there is still not one thing worth watching
why do they think that everyone goes out on Saturday night
in this economy especially
why don't they put some good movies on and just let us choose which one we want to watch
or a good
old fashioned variety show
(am I showing my age again!!!)
I was about to nod off from sheer boredom
when the phone rang
it was my friend
who I sent the watermelon hot pads to
she asked if she needed to
lower her ears
I asked her to repeat what she said
" I can't get my eats into it"
she replied
into what
I queried
the hat you sent
I sent you a hat
yes with the coasters
I started to laugh the laugh I had needed all day long
I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell her
it isn't a hat
it's a



to put the coasters in when she isn't using them
or the hot pads maybe
then she described trying to get the thing to fit her head
how her husband looked at her when he saw it sitting slightly askew on top of her noggin like a misshapen beanie
she wondered what the holes were for
I said they aren't holes they're handles
but if you wear it as a hat maybe you can hang your earrings from them
and considering what some people wear nowadays
why not put a basket on your head
and wear it
 wear it
with attitude
and panache
total confidence
that no one will walk up to you and ask
excuse me madam
why doth thou sport
a basket upon your

so shall we start a new fashion??

I asked that she take a photo of it on
but I doubt she will
then again
if we ask nicely
maybe she will
thank you so much for calling and making me laugh til my sides hurt and I couldn't catch my breath
for being
 brave and bold
and asking
 why the hell
 I made you


elaine said...

Brilliant! Thanks for passing that needed laugh around:))

Allyson said...

I needed that laugh! That is sensational!!!

NillaK said...

Haha, I really hope she sends you a picture! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol!! Much needed!! :)xx

T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! It's 10:50 pm and I am laughing out loud. Good thing I'm alone! Now I can go to bed and have sweet, happy dreams. Goodnite! Tammy