Sunday, June 5, 2011

sunday stuff

its' been like waiting for the other show to drop
they said there would be rain
so the husband stopped doing what he had been doing and found something else to do
I did what I should have done on Friday!!!
and now all is done
and there is still no rain
but it's humid and cloudy
so it must be close by
we need it after all that heat
that sucked the earth dry and it's coming back again next week
like a roller coaster
up and down
 down and up
enough to give you seasickness

with all my yarn in the new cubbies
I know what I have now
and found some that I didn't remember why I had bought it
so I took it all and with a big hook
a size
I made a basket
yes, another one!!!!

I have a bunch of these little jars
that had fruit in them
I love the little handles on them
so when we go to the store that has them
I get 4 or 5

and the other day I found this block in the bottom of a pile of lonely blocks
so I stuck it on top of the jar
e voila
a granny button jar!!

because I have nothing better to do
I put it up on flickr
and Mary suggested I put a button in the centre
so I did
it's one of the buttons a friend sent me
she found a big bag of buttons at a yard sale for a buck
and thought of me and sent them
lots of them
some look quite old so I started sorting them into the jars
I like lots of things to look at
I am a visual person
hence the many things to see in my room

see the little handle on the jar
isn't it the cutest thing!!!

another hare/hair/brained scheme
idea taken from one of those delicious Japanese craft books
seen while browsing
hither and yon
another stash buster type of thing
if it turns out I'll show you!!!
if not forget you ever saw this

and while flipping through flickr there were certain persons who posted their latest meals
and I got peckish and realised it was lunch time
so I went and made a salad
husband does not eat this
so it was just for moi
tomatoes, cucumber, artichokes and avocado
with a pinch of walnuts
and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice
and s/p

and at the first available opportunity
this is mine too
I can't wait to get the juice all down my front

and someone ate the bloom off the

so it's looking pretty on the table
maybe I'll go and get a couple more
before the rain comes