Friday, June 17, 2011

Ellen's melons

shame on you all
not those melons
these melons!!!!!

I'm doing a little blog linking today
I have been thinking about introducing you all to each other
you know sending you off to all the blogs I frequent
and introducing you to each other and maybe you'll find someone or something
that is interesting and fun
or teaches you something
which is why I go there!!!
what better place to start with someone who has become a friend
and is launching her
Etsy shop
something I'm thinking about doing too
but this isn't about me
it's about
who lives way down south in
no not that LA
the hot spicy one
next to the
Gulf and New Orleans
the big easy
the soul of the south
the place where people are warm and friendly
and in this case
sweet and talented

a couple of weeks ago you may have noticed a sudden surge of all things
I told you about making some hot pads for my friend who can't hook
and sending them off
at the same time
of Garden Bell fame
made the same thing
but in her inimitable style
and Ellen saw them
on our blogs and on
of course
so Ellen joined in the
"all things watermelon"
I am sure some of you have never seen these things before
let me tell you that in the States
the watermelon is the icon for
if it were red white and blue it couldn't be more
 it goes along with
hamburgers and hot dogs
mustard and ketchup
water sprinklers and ice cream

fourth of July picnics
if it could whistle it would
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
when I came here all those eons ago
I had never seen watermelon
never eaten it
had the juice run down my chin and pool on my lap
I have eaten my share
and even had seed spitting contests
with the kids
 back to
Ellen and her melons

When I made mine I didn't know what to do about the seeds
so I embroidered them with a needle and thread
Ellen figured out how to make big ones that actually show up and are worth the effort
so she set about designing her own
and she asked me if i would test the pattern
to which I of course said
YeS M'aM!!!
I got the patten and took off with hook and wattymelon coloured yarn
and a little while later I had me a
melon with seeds
and it's just flippin' brilliant of her to figure it all out
I do not have the pattern here nor will I give it to you
it is Ellen's and she will tell you how to get it
so off you go to her blog and find out how you can get the pattern
it's really easy to do and the end result will make you smile
a watermelon slice sized
say hi while you're there and visit a while
she may even have some sweet tea and a slice of melon for you
you know how hos-pit-able
those southern belles are

you can use them to put
gram ma's pressed glass compote on

or you can use it to cover the dish

put a pretty jar on it

or let someone have their own picnic on it

hang it on the fridge

but don't use it for the oven
maybe a warm pot top
but it sure looks cute hanging there
and she has patterns for a place mat too
which haven't made and some other things
so quick run before you miss out on the
melon craze
or summer ends and you have to wait till next year!!!!

so see you next time
here's how to get to
in one little click of your mouse
ya'll come back now

:) |)~~


T's Daily Treasures said...

It turned out great. Wonder how she figured out those seeds? I'll have to go check her out. I lived in Louisiana for years and worked in downtown NO for several years before coming to Kuwait.

Yes, we have a True Value and an Ace Hardware. True Value has changed a lot since I've been here -- half the store is filled with crap that has nothing to do with what what a True Value would normally sell. They cater to what people in this country want and not all of it is good. I was surprised to see the Moroccan section. It's certainly not high quality stuff -- you can tell that it's been done quickly just for sale, but it still looks nice and the price was right. I also got a bowl and plate for me. :)

Have a great rest of the day. Tammy

Mrs Twins said...

OOh this is brilliant! Well done! Love it! x

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Thank you Marilyn for all your kind words about my part of the country! Southern hospitality is abundant here & anytime yall would like to come down for a visit, I have that newly decorated & furnished guest room.
You are so sweet to post about my WaTErMeLOns! You are one of many greatly talented gals that always inspire me! My shop will be open next week on Etsy. Making sure everything is in order & prepared is my goal before the Grand Day. I'm so excited about it. Yes Marilyn, you should also be there. You are just as creative! :'}
Thank you for mentioning me on your blog too :'}