Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch can wait....

I went outside to ask the
jack of all trades
house painter
window frame putter upper
painter of said frames
if he would like some lunch
I got a nod
I heard a hawk
a falcon
a buzzard
bird of prey
but not an eagle
a bird of some sort
screeching high up in the trees
you know what I did
I got
blue out and went to see what we could see

we saw....
these two characters

remember I only have a digital
no big zoom lenses
to go up up up
80 odd feet
but can you see that
 up there with the
hawk falcon buzzard but not an eagle
sitting up higher
than the highest on the food chain
he looks chuffed

this one screeched the whole time I was under him
lens pointing up
trying to catch this noisy so and so
I took many more but they aren't so good
not that these are

and then he was gone
:) :) :) :)

 I was suddenly aware of the quieter
more stately members of the
outside bunch
the ones that flit hither and yon
among the
milk weed
and of course the breeze started to blow

I love this stuff
it is just gorgeous and I've always wanted it in the garden
but there is a patch across the street now
so I will leave it there to live as it should
unless they start to clear the woods
which they might
expletive deleteds

first there was one
then two

look carefully on the right and you will see

I heart you

so ...
back to making lunch
back to doing what I should be doing and not
snapping every damn thing I see
wait a minute
what's that over there
why 'tis the heron
come to see what's for his lunch
so sneak down the freshly sealed steps
that aren't all the way dry
but don't tell "him" or I'll be in trouble!!!
 I hide behind the bush
then the first tree
then the second tree
knowing full well that
he sees me
and is trying not to laugh

as I sneak up
on him

this creature is too
regal and noble
to put up with this human fool
but he waits
for one more second

before lifting off
and flying
where he will be able to eat in peace
the end

the oven just beeped
catch you later



Teresa said...

Got it! Some wonderful lady discovered what the pink flowered tree is: cercis siliquastrum or in Portuguese, Jew's tree (why?!?! beats me!) Try googling it, it is so absolutely gorgeous...
I don't know if we have Robins around here but we have Pardal which is a nice little common bird too :)
And I love hawks!

Anonymous said...

At first when I read your post title I thought you were referring to the robin being potential lunch! Glad to see he escaped without becoming a starter or main course!

Do you know I haven't seen any butterflies yet this year in my garden - not even any cabbage whites which is pretty surprising! Butterflies seem to be in such decline over in the UK - at least in my neck of the woods anyway which is really sad. I think it's because they are struggling to find plants on which to lay their eggs. I've read that nettles are butterflies most favourite plants on which to lay so I have started leaving a few nettles in the wild area of my garden - I think because people are not letting a few nettles grow in in their gardens it's causing real problems for the butterflies. Even with all the flowers I grow I still don't seem to attract them - bees yes, but butterflies no. And that's with a butterfly bush in the garden too!

That heron is truly a splendid bird. The forest near where I live has a few pools, etc and there is either a crane or a heron that sometimes flies around there. I can't get near enough to see which it is.

T's Daily Treasures said...

You are so funny! I am envisioning the sneaking around and hiding just to get the right shot. Ha! Great photo of the hawk with the robin sharing the same tree. We get lots of dragonflies here but not a lot of butterflies. I made a watermelon today. Great little project for leftover yarn. What's for lunch? Have a great day. Tammy

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Those butterflies are magnificant! Great shots... you little sneak!

Valeria said...

these pic´s are just priceless,you have such great wildlife right at youre dor :))

allertadele said...

Wonderful butterfly pictures. It must be fantastic to see all that wildlife everyday!

Bienzfive said...

Thank you for sharing your days with us. I too would much rather be snapping amazing photos than making lunch!!