Thursday, June 9, 2011

lots of photos

the only thing to say is
feels like
45 C or more
where the husband insists on being
so he can finish what he started
why he has to do that is beyond me
but he's in the shade and I'm giving him lots to drink
through the door
as he is up a ladder just outside the kitchen!!!
I have been trying very hard not to go out
because I feel sick almost immediately
and I do not
do not
know how the poor people who work outside
survive in this hell

they laughingly tell us a cold wave is coming
which means big noise and wind and torrential rain
but the cold front
will bring temps of
the high
ha ha!!!

so let's look at cool and pretty things

if blogger will let us
that is
 still the problem with comments not being able to be made

I am wondering if you are having trouble
because my
visitors numbers have jumped to
this blog about nothing

but only one or two comments are showing
but then again
there's nothing to comment on
but I do thank those of you who have left such nice comments these past few days
as I have said before
I wish it was as pretty as it looks
Teresa asked where this is
It's Virginia USA
south of Washington DC
half way between the mountains and the ocean
in what used to be the country
and is now the suburbs
or as they call it
the bedroom communities to the
Nations' Capital!!!!!

the goose neck loose strife


is beginning to bloom
the bee magnet
but there don't seem to be very many bees around
I hope it isn't a bad sign that they are gone
maybe it's too early for them yet

and the roses are going all
neon pink on me
they literally shine in the sun

 those expletive deleted monsters are at it again

yesterday morning before the heat was in full force
I went to see what there was to see
and this little guy let me shoot him
he's a baby so he doesn't know any better yet
an adult  was up a tree
barking all sorts of insults at me
I disturbed their breakfast

 the buffle head duck and her babies floated by
she still has them all
thank goodness
I haven't seen the goslings in the last few days
I'll bet they've grown since we last saw them

I have to keep this well watered
two or three times a day
with the sun and the heat and the lack of rain
it earns it name this one
hydra means
gimme gimme gimme
and lots of it!!!

Miss Ellen from down south
aka Wildaboutcolour on Flicr
asked me to test a
I almost typed recipe
:) :) :)
a pattern that she has made
the woman is brilliant and came up with a way to put the seeds in the watermelons
that are all the rage
so I happily said I would
and it's
she made the pattern look very professional and I hope if you get the chance to get it
you will
it will make her very happy

as you can see here I still have melon coloured yarn so I'm starting on another
who knows what
but I will finish the test and then get back to this messy pile

I got up early again today
and I felt like sewing something
so I did
with felt and cotton

and I figured out how to make
yo-yo's with yarn
I remembered making a flower a while back that sort of turned in on itself
so I did that and it seems to have worked

and I couldn't help myself
I picked one of each and stuck them in a cute jar

with some blue marbles to hold the stems up
and I
give them to you
nice folk out there in blog land
hope you had a good day
and I'll see you
next time

I would also like to say
to the new followers who have joined us here
in the
welcome to the
blog about nothing
I hope you come back and let me know who you are
because some of you don't have a place to visit in return

take care all
stay cool
be good